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I Made an Allegorical Cake Today

One of my favorite things to do is bake -- cookies, cakes, pies, fudge, anything at all that is sweet and puts a smile on someone's face! I try to have something delicious and homemade on hand as often as possible for after-dinner. As may be expected, my boyfriend, Ben, is extremely supportive of these endeavours. 
We spent two weeks in England visiting his family, during which time I discovered a multitude of wonderful new things to make at home. Bakewell tart, hot cross buns, Battenberg cake, proper scones, and a magical creation called a Victoria sponge. It's a yellow sponge cake with jam and cream between the layers and topped with plain sugar. In general, I try to learn as many recipes as I can for things he grew up with or is used to eating; I've seen him get a bit homesick once or twice and I expect if I were living in a foreign country I might have some of the same twinges. So here we are, a couple of weeks settled back in at home, jet lag gone, and today I decided…

How Gaming Made Me Realize I Was Sick

I've played World of Warcraft since shortly after it launched -- February 2005, to be exact. Although I initially rolled on a PvP server to be with my friends in the time before cross-realm zoning, I found myself more drawn to raiding PvE content. For the non-gamers out there staring blankly at the previous sentence, this means I didn't want to smash other players in the face. I wanted to smash monsters.

I practiced hard. I joined progression-based raiding guilds when I was good enough to pass their stringent application and audition process; first I'd have to submit an in-depth written application on their forum, stating why I wanted to join and explaining a bit about myself and my approach to playing, and then if I sounded like someone they wanted to raid with, I showed up for a test night where I'd run with them and show off my skills in person. If I did enough healing and kept the party alive long enough, I was in. Not to seem vain, but for sake of honesty, I was n…

Dreams are Nebulous Things

As a kid, I was always worried that I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. I had a ton of interests and a whole pile of things that I thought I'd maybe like to do someday, but if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer would change based on the day of the week.

"Working in the game industry" was never an answer until a few years ago. I simply had never thought of it as an option -- probably a product of my growing up in the Dark Ages before programs like Unity and RPG Maker existed -- until a World of Warcraft guildmate who did work in the games industry expressed surprise that I was a 'civilian.' He told me that the way I discussed mechanics and content sounded exactly like the sorts of conversations he'd had with devs at his workplace. (Side note: said guildmate became my stepfather a few years later, because the world is kind of a weird place.)

I loved and, of course, still love video games. I had just gotten laid off fro…