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Stealing the Neighbor's Internet: A Tech Mystery

Last weekend, we moved into a lovely new apartment with much more space and much better sound insulation than the last one. We also upgraded our internet service to 300mbps downstream which is a HUGE improvement over the "standard" package we used to have! Speedtest confirmed that, in fact, we were often getting above 300mbps. Dreams of super-high-quality streams and next to no latency in raids were dancing through my head.

Unfortunately, the active coaxial port was not located near enough to our computer desks -- Ben and I both require an ethernet connection directly to the modem, so going wireless wasn't an option. The kids' computer was in their room and so would never be close enough to the router for a hardwired connection, but we planned to use a powerline adapter to bring the internet in for them. In the meantime, I connected using a powerline adapter myself until a tech could come out to switch the active port to one in the same corner as our desks, which is …

Bunny's Kitchen: Making a Basic Curry

When I'm not gaming, I'm usually in the kitchen testing out a new recipe or tinkering with ones I already know by heart to make them easier and better. I've tormented everyone on Twitter and Facebook with photos of the results, usually ending in requests for the recipe.

Let's be honest, curry isn't always the most photogenic of foods.

If done right, however, it's darn tasty, and the most you'll have to do is some serious chopping. Pictured above is a chicken korma I made this week, but if you master the basic paste that can be used for all varieties of curry, all you have to do is switch up the spices and the meat you use. Getting Set Up I use pre-mixed curry spices from Spice Mountain, which is based out of England. If you're on that side of the Atlantic, they have a lovely shop in the Borough Markets, but otherwise, they do ship internationally through their online store!
The recipe I started with was actually also from Spice Mountain, but I made a fe…

The Temperature At Which Code Burns

I grew up with my mother's Commodore VIC-20 in the living room. By the time I was five years old, not only did I have a Performa 430 of my very own, but I'd taught myself how the system worked well enough that the teachers at my elementary school called me over the campus IT specialist to fix their computers -- a trend that continued well into high school. At the age of 15 I was reverse-engineering websites and building my own based on the tricks I learned from individual page sources.

I also did some reprehensible stuff that I'm not going to specify due to the fact that none of it was even remotely legal and I haven't been prosecuted for any of it, which is a track record I intend to keep. After a couple of close calls and a dose of maturity, I brought my own experiences as The Jerk On The Other Side Of The Keyboard to my career working for the good guys. After all, who could be better suited to point out potential vulnerabilities in web apps and software than someone…